Carolina Ortiz Herrera

Resume   |   CV

MFA in Design
Yale School of Drama

B.A in Theatre
University of California

I am a New York-based lighting designer for theatre, opera, and dance.

I tell stories through light to elevate the human experience to a universal language illuminating the complexity of our stories. In enigmatic and subtle ways, light manifests a dynamic language: visual, sculptural, emotional, and musical. Light is a living force transporting an audience to “stand at the threshold” where a new understanding of our collective experience is revealed. As a designer, I seek to transcend the ordinary presence of light to a level of universal connection.

As a Mexican immigrant, my artistic journey in the United States has been greatly influenced by the desire to disrupt the articficial constructs of my identity. Living at the intersection of two cultures is a constant source of resilience, adaptability, and change. This journey inspires my vision to create engaging, inclusive theatre showcasing the chorus of human voices on stage.

I am the lighting director and lighting designer for Calpulli Mexican Dance Company, and I have worked as a lighting supervisor for the Santa Fe Opera.

I am an organizing member of La Gente Network: The Latinx Theatre Design Network, a member of Wingspace Theatrical Design, and United Scenic Artists Local 829.

Until the Flood  by Dael Orlandersmith. Directed by Timothy Douglas.
Merrimack Repertory Theatre. April 2021

A Woman of the World  by Rebecca Gilman. Directed by Courtney Sale.
Merrimack Repertory Theatre. May 2021.