Promise Land


A 5-room interactive installation on the topic of immigration and what it feels like to be foreign in the United States today. Striving to not let go of your native background, while also fit into the reality around and not feel like an outsider is the dilemma of every immigrant. The attempt to enter American society is not complete after simply crossing the border. This performance is the internal conflict of an immigrant living in the “in between”. 

It is a journey, where a group of people goes through an experience of entering this country, the “Promise Land”, as an outsider. The rooms are The Soil, Who Do You Think I Am, American Dream, Let The Right One In and Immigrants Anonymous

  Co-created by Carolina Ortiz Herrera & Yana Birykova

               Direction: Carolina Ortiz Herrera & Yana Birykova  |  Scenic Design: Carolina Ortiz Herrera & Yana Birykova
             Lighting Design: Carolina Ortiz Herrera  |  Costume Design: Sophia Choi  |  Sound Design: Fred Kennedy

 Yale University
May 2017

Photographs by: Yara Bar

© 2020 Carolina Ortiz Herrera